We are so grateful to The Daisy Garland for providing this monitor for us. Our daughter has had seizures since she was 18 months old and she’s now 8. Until now we have been using a heart rate based monitor which picked up on her focal seizures. Unfortunately her epilepsy has now evolved and she has frequent tonic clonic seizures at night. Her heart rate does not rise as fast during these and as such we have had to rely on listening for unusual sounds via her video monitor. The Emfit monitor will pick up on the tonic clonic movements and will be able to alert us to seizures when they start. It means we can spend less time on edge and hopefully reduce our stomachs flipping over for every little rustle at night. It’s hard to describe the ongoing anxiety and trauma of living with uncontrolled epilepsy but I don’t want to even think about where we would be without the support of The Daisy Garland. Our little girl also follows a ketogenic diet which, without the Daisy Garland funded dietician in our hospital, we simply would not have had access to. The Daisy Garland parent carer community group is an amazing support and I know that at any time I can connect into the group to ask questions or just for a hand hold. Thank you to the incredible Daisy Garland - a wonderfully positive force in the childhood epilepsy community.