Thank you so much for our Daisy Garland monitor.  Ruby is 3 years old and has been having seizures since she was 18 months. Her seizures are prolonged and happen during her sleep so on numerous occasions she has ended up in resus and thanks to the NHS she has overcome them.  We are trying 3 different medications at present but there hasn’t been any control as yet.  

I have always been so frightened of sleeping at night due to Ruby's seizures happening whilst she's asleep.  After only 2 nights of having our Daisy monitor the alarm went off and surely enough Ruby was in a seizure.  We phoned 999 straight away.  This seizure lasted for 20 minutes.  Having this monitor I know I will be woken with the alarm and my little Ruby will be safer.  Ruby is unaware of her seizures and doesn't remember anything about them, so she’s the happiest little girl on the planet.  I just hope one day we will find an epilepsy drug that works for her.  Thank you so much for funding our monitor.  Myself and Ruby are so grateful. x