Thanks to The Daisy Garland we received our epilepsy monitor which helps us safeguard our little boy. His epilepsy became life critical and I could not see a way of improving the situation. I was sleeping with Simon to be able to respond to seizures quickly but I was never sure if I haven’t missed anything .. now, having the monitor, I can get a bit of rest knowing that he is safe, that monitor will alarm us and we will be able to help Simon as quickly as possible. He is the treasure of our life and we are extremely grateful for The Daisy’s Garland help. Massive THANK YOU to Nikki who supported us from the ‘start’ point and is still checking on us. I have never met you in person Nikki, but you are amazing and thank you for everything you do. I hope this Charity will be able to help more children in need and that there will always be enough supporters to get monitors for children. Once again, big fat THANK YOU.