"Sophie was born with a very rare genetic condition causing epilepsy, global development delay, physical and visual impairment, and was diagnosed with West Syndrome at 7 months old.  Her seizures range from the not so scary absences to the terrifying seizures causing apnoeas.  Sophie has been on various combinations of drugs but sadly her epilepsy is drug-resistant.  
I learnt about The Daisy Garland when I picked up one of your very informative ketogenic brochures at the Royal Derby Hospital and was totally blown away by the experiences of families you support on the diet.  This gave me great hope, prompting me to request a ketogenic referral.  Sophie started the diet under the care of your Dietitian Marian Devlin.   Marian is the most caring and the most knowledgeable person we have ever met in the medical world, with great attention to detail.  We are so grateful to The Daisy Garland for giving us the opportunity to try a natural treatment option and were over the moon to receive our Welcome Box - what an amazing gift, full of lots of essentials to get our keto journey off the ground.  
Prior to starting the diet we had to increase 3 of Sophie’s anticonvulsants monthly, but since starting keto there has been no need to do this, so my husband and I feeling positive about the future.  All of this has been made possible thanks to your charity and to your amazing ketogenic work.”