I would like to say a massive thank you to The Daisy Garland, for funding our Epilepsy Monitor for my daughter Talia Rose! Talia is 20 months old now and has had seizures since she was 6 months old. Up until now I have broken sleep and have Talia in my bed every night, now we have this monitor, Talia has gone into her own bed, and is now I feel she’s protected by having this monitor to alert me when she has a seizure. It will benefit us both, hopefully we can now get a better night sleep, Talia in her own bed and peace of mind for myself that I’ll know she’s having a seizure when the monitor alerts me. It means the absolute world The Daisy Garland have helped provide us with this monitor. It’s made a very long and difficult journey so far, a lot more manageable. So thank you so so much. Love Gemma and Talia xxx"