Tommie has received his Daisy Garland Epilepsy Monitor and we cannot thank The Daisy Garland enough for this. Having this monitor means so much to us as a family. Tommie has multiple seizures a day, they are almost continuous especially while he sleeps. So having this monitor will help keep Tommie safe during the night. He still sleeps in his cot touching my bed, and I regularly wake during the night to check on him. This can be exhausting. I also live with the worry of not waking during an episode and the ‘what if i missed one’. The monitor is now going to help with giving Tommie a more normal life by allowing him into his own bedroom. giving us some well needed reassurance that he is okay while we sleep. The Daisy Garland is just an incredible charity, what they do is amazing. I'll be forever thankful to this charity.x