We have been on our epilepsy journey for 4 years now. One of the major elements of having a child with epilepsy is the constant need to stay on top of research and the constant battle of trying and testing. All of it is trial and error with meds, equipment and foods. When I first learnt of The Daisy Garland charity, I was astounded that I had landed in a place where a lot of the trial and error had been done before me. It was a fountain of completely relevant knowledge that for the first time ever, I didn't have to go hunting for. It was all in one place. 
Another thing that astounded me was that it was blindingly obvious that all this information had come from a place of real lived experience. This was priceless to me. 
On top of this, The Daisy Garland has funded an epilepsy monitor for us. This monitor will detect if my son is having a seizure through the night. Giving me the opportunity to potentially 'sleep'. Something I haven't done for a very long time. But the most valuable element is that this monitor provides us with safety. Tommy has a big brother who has had to adapt to huge change. If I have to leave Tommy's room through the night to comfort him or even use the loo, I can do so knowing that within ten seconds of a seizure occurring I will be alerted. 
So The Daisy Garland has wrapped their arms around us as a family, in more ways than one. Thank you!