The way we connect with nature affects us all in different ways.  Sometimes we are fully aware of its immediate influence on us, sometimes it works on us slowly and subconsciously in a way that can be particularly helpful for people suffering from trauma, illness and loss.
If the global events of the past few years have taught us anything it is how important green spaces are to our overall wellbeing.  Getting out into the garden and engaging with nature is a tonic we all benefit from and what better way to engage than by planting seeds and growing something lovely to look at and delicious to eat.
The Daisy Garland Green Shoots project has been specially designed to inspire children and young adults with complex epilepsy to get outside and practice a bit of ‘green therapy’ by sowing seeds and growing nutritious low-carb vegetables and edible flowers.  
Over 75 of the families we support have signed up to be part of this exciting, sensory project, and we look forward to charting their progress here on our website and The Daisy Garland Facebook page over the coming months.
To check in on our new Daisy Gardeners please CLICK HERE.   And let’s all take a moment to rediscover, celebrate and appreciate what is around us, the sights, sounds and smells which often go unnoticed in our too busy lives.