Our son Emyr was diagnosed with epilepsy in March 2017. He has absence seizures and from his first EEG it showed that his seizures were taking place every ten seconds or so, totalling more than two-thousand a day.

The impact this diet has had on our son is nothing short of a miracle. I only wish that we had been made aware of this before having gone through the heartache of some of the medications and their horrific side-effects. Emyr is still on two different anti-convulsants but the quantity of these has not changed since March 2018, therefore the benefits we are seeing are purely diet related. A huge thank you must be said to The Daisy Garland, the Ketocafé Facebook Page and Bristol Ketogenic Dietitians, along with our neurologists and paediatric doctors. The support and help that we have had has been invaluable. Here’s to looking to the future and all that it brings. Life’s a journey, enjoy the ride.