"Isi is six years old. The Daisy Garland has been a lifeline to our whole family in terms of ongoing emotional support and in providing a night-time breathing monitor so that we can sleep at night knowing that she is at a much greatly reduced risk of SUDEP.

The Daisy Garland also provides fully funded dietitians to the NHS so that Isi can use the incredible ketogenic diet as a form of treatment alongside three strong anticonvulsant drugs.

Isi started the ketogenic diet in December 2017 after eight different medications failed to bring seizure control. Isi was having eighty to a hundred seizures each day.

Incredibly, since starting the diet, Isabelle’s seizures have reduced to five to ten a day, her cognition has hugely increased and we have been able to wean her off of these strong meds.

It’s incredible what Isi has achieved, against all odds, and we are incredibly proud of her. This would never have been possible without The Daisy Garland providing the ketogenic dietitian to the NHS."

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