Our Daisy warning badges contain two very important messages -

'I Can only Have Food from Home' and 'Ensure all Oral/IV Meds are Suitable for my Diet'.

To eat food outside of your ketogenic dietary prescription can have similar serious consequences as a child with a nut allergy eating a nut. So it is vital for teachers/caregivers to be clearly aware of this. 

These brightly coloured badges and stickers are child-friendly, designed to attach to lunch boxes, items of clothing, and medical protocol charts.

Request your your free badges here today!

My son wore his badge to his friend's birthday party on Saturday.  Not only did it do the trick with kids and adults not offering my son non-keto food, but it gave me the opportunity to broach the subject of the keto diet and my son's epilepsy.  Another great piece of Daisy Garland kit!  Thank you.