Effective against absences and generalised tonic-clonic and partial seizures. Possible side effects: Weight gain may occur with increased appetite. Hair loss occurs in some people but this is not usually severe and is usually reversible if the dosage is reduced. Gastric problems, hyperactivity and behaviour problems. Long term use of Sodium Valproate may cause carnitine deficiency. The use of sodium valproate has been associated with increased incidence of polycystic ovaries and menstrual irregularities but needs to be evaluated further. Shaky movements and drowsiness are infrequent side effects.

Some liquid versions of Sodium Valproate contain colourings that may cause insomnia. We felt this worth mentioning as it's a topic which has been brought to the attention of The Daisy Garland by a number of families we support whose children became restless and unable to sleep. This was remedied by a change in brand. If you have any concerns at all about food colourings/Sodium Valproate please discuss with your Neurologist. 

WARNING FOR WOMEN AND GIRLS Sodium Valproate can seriously harm an unborn baby. Always use effective contraception during treatment. If you are thinking about becoming pregnant, or you become pregnant, talk to your doctor straightaway.

WARNING From January 2024 Sodium Valproate must not be started in new patients aged under 55 unless two specialists agree that there are no alternative options or that “compelling reasons” mean that the reproductive risks “do not apply,”. https://www.bmj.com/content/383/bmj.p2836.full