Sara, mum to Daisy and Grace, is the founder and CEO of The Daisy Garland.  Before returning to her roots in the west country, Sara, David and Daisy, lived in London where she worked in HR for Gucci for more years than she cares to admit!  Sara lives and breathes The Daisy Garland, it is her passion.  When she does take time off she enjoys relaxing at home with David and Grace, whipping up scrumptious cakes and working on the family allotment which is situated on the slopes of Totnes castle overlooking the River Dart.  Sara is a keen walker and loves nothing more than an early morning stroll by the river with Flossie at her side.

On her role as Founder and CEO, Sara said:

I don’t enjoy the title CEO, I’m just Daisy’s mum, but I adore the work I do. For me it isn’t work, it’s a true pleasure.  I understand what the families under our care go through daily, and I am glad that I’m able to help. I am immensely proud of what we have achieved in Daisy’s name and I derive an enormous amount of satisfaction from knowing that we are doing all we can to help children and young adults who suffer from the same destructive and debilitating condition as Daisy did.  My philosophy in life is to make things better, and I think we do.