The Daisy Garland is a small UK-based charity that helps children with drug-resistant epilepsy, and their families, largely through funding a network of ketogenic dieticians in hospitals around the country. When Charlotte was first diagnosed with a rare drug-resistant form of epilepsy we were utterly bereft as a family; but Sara Garland and her co-workers came to our aid, supporting and guiding us through the difficult early stages of establishing the ketogenic diet. This has virtually eliminated Charlotte's seizures and has allowed her true self to shine through.

As with many smaller charities, the impact of the Covid pandemic and cost-of-living crisis on funding has been significant, and is ongoing. There remain many children in the community with similar stories to Charlotte, who simply do not have access to the dietary tools, supplements and support that could effect the same miraculous changes we have seen. Any donation you might be able to offer, however large or small, will make a real tangible difference. Thank you.

Oliver Firth