The Daisy Garland is delighted to be awarded The People’s Choice Award by The Charity Film Awards.

At a glittering ‘virtual’ reception in London on 21st April, Sara Garland, founder of The Daisy Garland said,

“We are delighted to have been given this award and for our work to have been recognised in this way. For the last 16 years, since losing our own beloved daughter Daisy to epilepsy in 2004, we have worked tirelessly to change the outcome for other children suffering with a drug-resistant epilepsy diagnosis, raising over £2.5 million.We are the only charity to fund ketogenic services in NHS hospitals nationwide and have funded 26 Ketogenic Dietitians/Dietetic Support Workers across the UK from Plymouth to Edinburgh within NHS Trusts.  In the last 16 years The Daisy Garland has helped thousands of children.We understand first-hand what a diagnosis of epilepsy can mean to the whole family which is why we provide as much support as we can to parents and carers through our forums, listening, education, advisory services and social media, funding 26 Daisy Garland Ketogenic Dietitians who work within the NHS countrywide; and providing grants for night-time breathing monitors (which are not available on the NHS) for use at home, keeping children safe whilst sleeping and allowing exhausted parents some respite from their endless vigilance.This award has been won by The Daisy Garland and we are incredibly proud to receive it but we haven’t done it alone. We want to thank our many supporters, benefactors, fundraisers, friends, exceptional dieticians and trustees not to mention our hard working, dedicated staff of 4 in our small office in Devon. But above all we want to mention the brave children who suffer from drug-resistant epilepsy and their amazing families and friends; we are privileged to help them and this award is for all of us.”

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An hour after the announcement more than 100 goodwill messages were received via social media, a selection of which are shared below:

My daughter's epilepsy continues to challenge me in ways I can barely describe. The Daisy Garland Charity provides us with the most incredible support, warmth and love. I last year made them a film which I'm chuffed to say won a Charity Film Award last night. #lightindark - Will Foxwell

Congratulations on winning Charity film awards 2020!! Sending you guys a massive thank you and loads of love from Team Reynolds

Huge Congratulations, I’m absolutely delighted for you all. The best #Epilepsy Charity there is, always stayed true to your aim and goal.... that of helping others. The best Campaigns and Charities come from personal experience... and yourselves are the best of the best - Emma xx

I remember watching this film for the first time last year at the Ball and being so incredibly moved by the amazing work you all do. I've watched it so many times since and every time I still feel emotional. Your amazing support has literally changed Jacob's life for the better in so many ways. This award is so deserved - Sarah xxxx

You should be so rightfully proud of all you have achieved and receiving this recognition and understanding of the huge difference you make for so many people is just wonderful. I hope it brings you more funding and support for those families lucky enough to cross your path - Penny xx

Big congratulations, you have touched the hearts of so many with your help, kindness and support.  Your monitors have been so welcome and made such a difference to worried parents knowing we can keep our little darlings safe.  Words can't express our gratitude, but hopefully this award will go someway to thank you for all you are doing and to show you how only we hold you and little Daisy in our hearts 💜 😘  Richie.

Congratulations. So pleased for you. You put your heart and soul into creating such a beautiful video and you must be so proud. Sending lots of love - Toni xxxx

I cannot tell you how proud I am to have been part of this film with my little girl to have shared the story of The Daisy Garland. What incredible news. Well done everyone, especially Foxwell Films 💜 and the incredible, fabulous DG team - Sarah xxxxx

Just the best news! Congratulations! SO well deserved! Can't wait to celebrate when we are together again - Vicki xxxxxx

Congratulations! Thanks for your excellent support for our grandson and his family - Diana xx

Congratulations you are a winning team 👏  🎉 💜 well deserved as others have said for all the work, support and help that you offer to families. Oliver would never have lasted nearly 3 years on the diet without you xx

Amazing, well done to you all, you are all incredible and deserve it xxx

Congratulations!! Soooo well deserved. Well done Will Foxwell and well done TDG! FABULOUS! People's Choice is the BEST award to win ((XX))

Yay! Well done to everyone involved! It was never in doubt 😉 xx

It was well deserved. You are helping my grandson more than you know 💜 💜 💜 💜