David Folkman - 4 Marathons in 4 Weeks 2020

David Folkman

In April, I will be running four marathons over four consecutive Sundays to raise money for the amazing Daisy Garland charity. Your generosity will help support some 18,000 children in the UK who suffer from drug-resistant epilepsy.

ActiveQuote 3 Welsh Peaks Challenge

Rob Saunders

Please show your support by sponsoring ActiveQuote staff - your donation will go directly to The Daisy Garland and used to help continue the amazing work they carry out for thousands of families every day.

Conor Scannell London Marathon

Conor Scannell

I'd like to raise money and awareness for children with epilepsy.

Abby runs the London Marathon

Abigail Walker

The Daisy Garland are an amazing charity who have helped my nephew Teddy manage his epilepsy through the Ketogenic diet enabling him to live a more fulfilling life.

Hannah Runs The London Marathon 2020

Hannah Warn

I am running my first marathon- The London Marathon, to raise money for The Daisy Garland, a charity that supports children with drug-resistant epilepsy.

Sharon's London Marathon 2020

Sharon Sly

I am running the London Marathon in aid of my Granddaughter Amelia.

Neil Bye - London Marathon 2020

Neil Bye

I am running the London Marathon 2020 and will be fundraising for The Daisy Garland Charity who support children with drug resistant epilepsy like my son Drew.

Lily-Mae's fundraising

Sade Lovell

Daisy Garland charity helps so many families with support.


Lynn Macquire

It’s world epilepsy day on 26th of March, as you all know our Ella has a diagnosis of this due to her condition called Glut 1.

St. Helens 10k

Paul Stewart

This charity helped us out in our time of need and helped put our minds at ease by giving us a life saving unit

The Quad-r-sorass

Cheryl, Jeremy, Adrian & Myriam

We have friends who have benefited from this brilliant charity

Daisy Garland Purple Day Fundraising- Bristol Children's Hospital

Hannah Warn

We are fundraising for Purple Day- worldwide epilepsy awareness day on the 26th March, to help raise money and awareness of the condition.