In Memory of Peter Briody

Pat, Clare, James and families

For Pete to give something back to a charity that has supported his own family over recent years.

The Dobson Family Challenge

Lisa Dobson

To help another family have the peace of mind with an overnight monitor.

Max’s 100km Challenge

Danyelle Lloyd

Max has chosen to raise money for the Daisy Garland because it has helped his friend who has epilepsy.

In Ben's Memory

Emma Hibbert

Funeral Donations

Running the Edinburgh Marathon

Peter Stepan

I'm looking to run my first Marathon in May in Edinburgh, in support of The Daisy Garland charity. If the official event doesn't take place I'll be completing the run in slightly flatter Cheshire. To help motivate me with this I'd like to help out this very valuable cause. My nephew, Artie, has ESES and during his hospital visits both in Bristol and Great Ormond Street Hospital has benefited from The Daisy Garland's support.

Gateley Gives for The Daisy Garland

Gateley Plc

The Birmingham office of Gateley is a proud supporter of The Daisy Garland.

Through our Gateley Gives charity initiative we will be raising funds to make a real difference to the lives of children with drug-resistant epilepsy and their families.

ActiveQuote 3 Welsh Peaks Challenge

Rob Saunders

Please show your support by sponsoring ActiveQuote staff - your donation will go directly to The Daisy Garland and used to help continue the amazing work they carry out for thousands of families every day.

Conor Scannell London Marathon

Conor Scannell

I'd like to raise money and awareness for children with epilepsy.

Abby runs the London Marathon

Abigail Walker

The Daisy Garland are an amazing charity who have helped my nephew Teddy manage his epilepsy through the Ketogenic diet enabling him to live a more fulfilling life.

Hannah Runs The London Marathon 2020

Hannah Warn

I am running my first marathon- The London Marathon, to raise money for The Daisy Garland, a charity that supports children with drug-resistant epilepsy.

Sharon's London Marathon 2020

Sharon Sly

I am running the London Marathon in aid of my Granddaughter Amelia.

Neil Bye - London Marathon 2020

Neil Bye

I am running the London Marathon 2020 and will be fundraising for The Daisy Garland Charity who support children with drug resistant epilepsy like my son Drew.