Welcome to The Daisy Garland Green Shoots Project.

The Daisy Garland Green Shoots project has been specifically designed to encourage and inspire children and young adults with complex epilepsy to get outside and practice a bit of ‘green therapy’ by sowing seeds and growing nutritious, low-carb vegetables and edible flowers.   For those children on the ketogenic diet this is a great way of generating lots of interest in the food they eat.   Who would have thought from first glance that from a tiny seed you can grow a crispy radish, a juicy beetroot, giant pumpkin or a sky-high sunflower?

Excellent for both physical and mental health gardening focusses mindful attention on the task in hand which can help reduce anxiety, promote concentration and boost self-esteem.  

We hope the whole family will join in our Green Shoots adventure and connect with nature and each other over a shared activity.  For first-time gardeners the sheer joy of seeing a seed germinate and become something fascinating to look at and delicious to eat is nothing short of wondrous.

Enjoy growing with The Daisy Garland!

Sara Garland - Founder and CEO

PS  Why not hunt around the house for egg cartons, pots and food trays to recycle - they make excellent planters!   You can have lots of fun making your own plant labels too!  

Last Friday (March 18th) 45 individual Green Shoots Boxes were made up and dispatched to children with complex epilepsy, from Cornwall to Aberdeen.  All of them growing with The Daisy Garland! 🌱


Profound thanks to our kind sponsors,  Thompson & Morgan, Burgon & Ball and Canns Down Press, whose generosity allowed us to launch this special project.