Some of you might not have managed to plant your bulbs before Christmas.  A combination of the  incessant rain in November and the cold snap last month when the soil was wet and claggy.  So what to do with them?  Well, it's better to plant them than let them go to waste, so if the ground isn't too frosted or waterlogged, put them into the soil as soon as you can, or pot them up into containers indoors.  Those that flower will do so later than usual, and the blooms may be smaller and the stems shorter.  Others may come up blind, which means that there will be lots of foliage, but no flowers.  If this is the case, leave the foliage to die back naturally; this will feed the bulbs so they will flower the following spring.
Hope's mum sent the pic below telling us:  "Hope has finally planted her daffodils - hoping they're settled before any frost."  Well done Hope we are keeping everything tightly crossed that you will be rewarded with some fabulous blooms in mid/late Spring. 
Sara had a busy weekend too, telling us:
"One of my favourite things at primary school was our nature table...  
I recreate a nature table 'of sorts' at home every year.  Here is my 2022 version!  
Some of our Daisy families might recognise this adorable little polar bear 💜"
Determined to make leaf mould this year, Sara collected autumn leaves on her early morning walk with Flossie...
Find out more about making leaf mould here
The highlight of our weekend is a long-awaited apple pie made with Bramley apples grown on our allotment. The peelings will be added to our compost bin for the worms and fruit flies to munch on!   Click here to download a keto-friendly apple tart the whole family can share and enjoy.  Happy Sunday everyone!  Sara x
Green Shoots alert!  I was over the moon this morning to discover my lovely Thompson and Morgan narcissi shoots poking through the earth 🌱  Such a welcome sight to see on a chilly January morning.  Sara x
Gethin definitely has the magic touch when it comes to growing and was very excited to plant his bulbs, which are popping up in all directions at the rate of noughts!  What a fabulous display of narcissi you're going to have in the Spring Gethin!  Those little scented flowers, when they arrive, will really brighten your dayl 
Once again, our profound thanks to our kind sponsors,  Thompson & Morgan, Burgon & Ball and Canns Down Press, whose generosity allowed us to launch this very special project.  We are hugely grateful for your incredibly kind support.
Watch this space for the launch of our 2023 Green Shoots Project coming soon... 🌱