The past few years has brought the importance of mental health into sharp focus with so many of us experiencing varying levels of anxiety, negative thoughts and deep depression.  In January 2021 and with this in mind, we secured additional funding to extend our Family Support Programme to cover the diverse needs of families under our care during lockdown and beyond and introduced a Daisy Garland funded 6-week Mindfulness course with live online group sessions.  These sessions were offered free of charge to mums, dads, carers and health professionals associated with The Daisy Garland.
Under the expert tutelage of Gillian Higgins, a trained Mindfulness practitioner and international war crimes barrister, over 450 participants learned that with a few calm minutes each day, a little self-compassion and the correct breathing technique we can equip ourselves with the tools we need to reduce anxiety, improve focus, regain a sense of control and sleep better.  The course was a run-away success with participants reporting a marked improvement in stress levels and the ability to cope with everyday life.  
“Magical, thought provoking and necessary.  A real lifesaver.”
“Loved sitting with others in the same situation and not feeling alone.”
“Intelligent, soothing, relaxing and inspirational.  I loved it!”
With patience and practice, Mindfulness can be included into your daily routine.  Mindfulness can, and does, make a difference to everyday life.  Our Daisy Garland Mindfulness courses are available free of charge to families under our care and we are encouraging and accepting referrals from epilepsy nurses and other epilepsy healthcare professionals.  If you live in the UK, have a child with difficult to control epilepsy and would like to know more about our Daisy Garland More (advanced) Mindfulness courses, please get in touch at [email protected]

Booking for this event has now closed.