The Daisy Garland fund grants for night-time breathing (SATs/epilepsy) monitors for use in the home keeping children safe while they sleep helping reduce the risk of SUDEP (sudden, unexpected death in epilepsy). Over 1,000 people die each year from SUDEP, most of these deaths happen in bed. Read more about SUDEP in Daisy's story. Monitors are not widely available on the NHS for home use.

The Daisy Garland offer grants for two different types of monitors - 

Emfit Epilepsy Monitor - This monitor consists of a small mat which slides under your child's mattress (or mattress topper), and will alarm for seizures that involve continuous movement lasting for 10 seconds or more. Please note that this monitor will not alarm for non-movement breath-holding or absence seizures.

Pulmolink SATs Monitor - This monitor is attached to the child's toe at night by a sensor and will alarm when oxygen levels in the blood drop and/or heart rate increases/decreases indicating possible seizure activity. Please note that this monitor may not be suitable for children with sensory issues. 

If you live in the UK and your child has been diagnosed with epilepsy, is having regular seizure activity despite taking daily anticonvulsant medication and/or is on the ketogenic diet, please get in touch for more information about our Daisy Garland monitor programme.

Monitor grant enquiry form

Here are some testimonials which show the impact these monitors have on the lives of some of the families we support:

Last night Alice was really poorly and we ended up in A&E.  When we arrived at the hospital Alice was still connected to her Daisy Garland SATs monitor. The Triage nurse was very impressed and said our monitor was far better than theirs.  Thankfully things settled down and after a few hours we were able to come home.  The reassurance our Daisy Garland monitor gives is just amazing.  Thank you!

Because of our Daisy monitor Aryan was saved.  He was asleep and the monitor alarmed.  I rushed to his room, he was blue around the lips, hands and feet so I dialled 999.  When the rescue team arrived they had to insert a tube to open his airways and give him oxygen...  I cannot thank you enough for our monitor.

Thomas has epilepsy and autism.  I worry endlessly about the unthinkable happening to him when he's asleep as his nocturnal seizures leave him face down.  Before receiving our monitor he slept in with me and I woke every hour to check on him.  There are no words to express the peace of mind our Daisy Garland monitor brings.  It's invaluable.  Thank you.

Because of our Daisy monitor Dante will finally be able to sleep in his own bed and if anything happens during the night we will be made instantly aware.  Our Daisy SATs monitor will provide respite for our family too as someone has slept beside Dante every night since his diagnosis waking at regular intervals to check on him.  Thank you Daisy Garland for the work you do keeping children with epilepsy safe.

Our monitor is an absolute godsend!  With a family of three who have DEPDC5 gene related epilepsy and uncontrolled seizures I am so very grateful for our Daisy Garland monitor which has given me peace of mind.  I have had years of sleep deprivation and this will help me tremendously.  As a mum I have to ensure I look after my health too.  My diagnosis of breast cancer has been a real eye opener and a reminder that I am mortal.  Our Daisy Garland monitor will be a huge help to me and my family.  Thank you. X