We are the leading UK charity funding ketogenic dietitians and dietetic support workers who work in NHS hospitals countrywide, treating thousands of children who suffer from drug-resistant epilepsy with the ketogenic diet. Each full-time dietitian costs c.£61,000 pa. 

Once a hospital has identified the need for a ketogenic service the consultant responsible contacts us to request funding.  We offer pump-prime funding, usually for 2/3 years, on the understanding that a business case evidencing the success of the service is put forward to the hospital Trust to ensure that continued funding will be available when our funding ends.  

Our funding allows NHS hospitals to develop and expand ketogenic services and our proven success rate in Trust take overs has allowed us to make this medical-led diet widely available, free of charge, to families nationwide.

We also fund Daisy Dietetic Support Workers, who work within ketogenic services ensuring lengthy waiting lists are substantially reduced.

Our work in the promotion of the ketogenic diet as a therapy for drug-resistant epilepsy has positively changed the way it is viewed by the medical profession and we are thrilled that it has been wholly embraced by the NHS.  Our work in this field has been life-changing and is on-going.

What is the ketogenic diet?

The Daisy Garland offer an extensive range of invaluable ketogenic resources, free of charge to every family in the UK starting their keto journey.  Browse our ketogenic recipes here.

Meet Tia, one of the many keto children supported by The Daisy Garland charity: