Mums, dads and carers contact us daily for support, whether it is to enquire about the ketogenic diet, how to access a grant for a night-time breathing monitor, or simply to share with us their daily worries and concerns.  We have first-hand experience of complex epilepsy, the ketogenic diet and SUDEP, and are here to listen and help.

Positive support for families and carers of children with drug-resistant epilepsy is essential and we provide this in a number of ways:

  • via the telephone, email, Parent Support Groups and Facebook - our Facebook page offers an abundance of positive help and support. 
  • providing grants for SATs/epilepsy monitors for use in the home
  • funding Daisy Garland Ketogenic Dietitians and complementary ketogenic welcome boxes for families of children starting the diet
  • offering families a safe place to exchange hints, tips and recipe ideas via Daisy's Keto Café, our interactive, buzzy, online ketogenic parent support group  
  • Our Daisy Garland funded Mindfulness courses are offered free of charge to mums, dads, carers and health professionals associated with The Daisy Garland
  • The Daisy Garland Green Shoots project has been specially designed to inspire children and young adults with complex epilepsy to get outside and practice a bit of ‘green therapy’ by sowing seeds and growing nutritious low-carb vegetables and edible flowers
  • Our 'Time4Me' get-togethers, give parents of children with epilepsy a wonderful opportunity to get together over cake and coffee (funded by The Daisy Garland) to chat, share stories and meet new friends
  • awarding small, one-off grants for special needs equipment