Our ball of sunshine Benjamin was born in February 2017. He was diagnosed with GLUT1 in 2019. We were pointed to The Daisy Garland by our medical team. Their welcome, online community and wealth of resources helped us tackle our keto journey confidently and positively. Before starting the diet Benjamin experienced severe fatigue and was extremely shaky. After following the diet for a while his energy levels noticeably increased and he became steadier. We know the diet helps him with these symptoms of Glut1 because if his ketones are low his energy dips and his tremors become more pronounced. We are so grateful for the network of families Daisy Garland has created [Daisy’s Keto Cafe]. To feel part of something and know we can ask questions and advice from others in similar circumstances is a huge comfort. We feel so lucky to have Daisy Garland support. Helene.