Another new recruit for the ketogenic diet! Wishing you lots and lots of luck sweet Cole. We hope the diet works it's full magic for you! xx
Cole and his family were delighted to receive their Daisy Garland Ketogenic Welcome Box containing all the essentials required to get this potentially life-changing diet up and running.
Daisy Garland Keto Welcome Boxes are available free of charge to every family in the UK starting the ketogenic diet. So if your child is starting the ketogenic diet soon, please ask your dietitian to contact [email protected] to request one of these fabulous boxes!
The Daisy Garland is a non-profit making, family-run charity. We rely 100% on donations from people like YOU to help us continue providing all new keto families with Daisy Garland Ketogenic Welcome Boxes, full of lots of vital equipment to get their keto journeys off to a positive start. Each welcome box is valued at £100.
If you would like to help fund a fabulous Daisy Garland Ketogenic Welcome Box please click on the donate button NOW, thank you.