The Daisy Garland has provided support to my family from day 1 of my Daughter Ella's diagnosis when she was 3 years old. She is now 9. Glut1 deficiency has many challenges including epilepsy - in Ella's case myoclonic and absence seizures, learning difficulties, movement difficulties and behaviour difficulties to name but a few. We have had great success in managing these symptoms by following the medical ketogenic diet with help from Ella's professional team and have been supported greatly by The Daisy Garland Charity with every little question we had. The Daisy Garland Keto Café has been a life-line on many occasions. I will be forever grateful to the charity for organising keto cooking sessions Ella and I have been able to enjoy together and sending out beautiful keto treats for Ella to enjoy. We have loved feeling part of The Daisy Garland Community. Lynn