This guide, The Really Useful Ketogenic Diets Book, is for families whose children are following the ketogenic diet to treat drug-resistant epilepsy.  Under no circumstances should this medical-led diet be undertaken without the knowledge and permission of your neurologist, and the close guidance and support of a specialist ketogenic dietitian.

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The information contained in this publication is not permitted to be reproduced, in whole or in part, without prior written permission from The Daisy Garland charity. 

This ketogenic information guide has been put together by us with input from our experienced ketogenic dietitians, to help you on your keto journey. Here is a small selection of encouraging stories from just a few of the hundreds of children under the care of our Daisy Dietitians who have successfully travelled the path you are about to embark on. We hope you find this guide useful and wish you every success with the diet.

Ben's Story

Ella's Story

Ellie's Story

Finn's Story

Hugo's Story

Jessica's Story

Livi's Story

Neve's Story

Rudy's Story