Ratio    2.13:1

Total Calories    204 kcals  


Fat                      18.32g

Protein               4.65g

Carbohydrate     3.95g


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45g Mushrooms, white, raw

35g Aubergine, raw

35g Courgette, raw

10g Spring greens, raw

40g Cheese, cream, Philadelphia

5g Garlic Puree (GIA)

25ml KetoCal 4:1 LQ - Unflavoured (available on prescription)

4g Oil, olive



1. In a small bowl mix cream cheese, olive oil, garlic and KetoCal powder. Season with salt and pepper.

2. Fold a sheet of foil into an envelope leaving one end open.

3. Cut all veg into bite size pieces and place into the foil bag.

4. Add cream cheese mixture onto veg and fold down the edge of the parcel.

5. Pop parcels onto a baking sheet, place into a 170C oven and bake for 15 - 20 minutes.

6. The parcel will have puffed up. Open the foil parcel and serve.

Top Tip

You can add chicken, prawns, hot-dogs, to this dish (this will change the ratio).

Also great on the BBQ or baked in an air fryer.



A Nutricia Recipe

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