Ratio    1.4:1

Total calories    1861 kcals

Fat                      157.6g

Protein               89.6g

Carbohydrate     21g

Makes 8 each providing 19.7g fat, 11.2g protein, 2.6g carbohydrate and 233kcals

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40g Coconut oil

40g Butter

40g Protifar Powder (available on prescription)

40g KetoCal 4:1 powder - Unflavoured (available on prescription)

40g Tiana coconut flour

30g Tesco ground almonds

5g Barkat baking powder

Salt and pepper

120g eggs, lightly beaten

180ml cold water (may need extra)

100g red onion, finely chopped and sautéed in butter and divided into 8 equal portions

100g Tesco Feta cheese, cut into 8 equal pieces.

1.7g fresh rosemary, finely chopped


1. Start by weighing out butter and coconut oil and melt in a small frying pan on very low heat.

2. Cook onion in butter until it starts to go transparent. Set aside to cool.

3. Weigh a mixing bowl and record the figure then zero scales and add dry ingredients and rosemary to bowl.

4. Add eggs, water and melted fats and mix together to form a soft mixture (similar texture to making cupcakes). If mixture feels too thick add more water, one spoon at a time.

5. Place 40g of mixture into each muffin cup/case.

6. Crumble half of each feta cube and half of each onion portion onto the muffin.

7. Weigh bowl and remaining mixture and subtract the weight of the bowl. Divide result by 8 and add this amount to each muffin case.

8. Top each muffin with remaining feta and onion.

9. Bake in a pre-heated oven at 150C for approximately 25 minutes until risen and golden brown.

Top Tips

Muffins can be eaten hot or cold. They can be frozen and reheated in oven or microwave making them ideal for hospital stays, road trips etc. Ratio can be raised very easily by spreading with butter. They also make a nice breakfast/ light meal alongside scrambled eggs.

Recipe by keto mum - Rosalind Oldham

© The Daisy Garland