Ratio    0.98:1

Total Calories    355 kcals  


Fat                      26.52g

Protein               8.99g

Carbohydrate     17.94g


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18ml MCT Oil (available on prescription)

14g Flaxseed, Linwoods

20g Water, distilled

13g Eggs, chicken, white, raw

0g Mustard powder

0g Salt

10g Cheese, Cheddar, English

22g Flour, wheat, white, self raising



1. Soak flaxseed overnight in water so that it becomes jelly-like.

2. Preheat oven to 190C/ fan 170C/ gas mark 5.

3. Beat egg white until frothy, mix well into flaxseed with a pinch of mustard powder and salt.

4. Mix cheese into flour and add to mixture with MCT Oil.

5. Shape and cook for 10-12 mins.

6. Divide mixture equally into 4 servings.



A Nutricia Recipe

© The Daisy Garland