Ratio    3.1:1

Total Calories    451 kcals  


Fat                      43.69g

Protein               12.88g

Carbohydrate     1.22g


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30g Cheese, Halloumi

30g Bacon rashers, streaky, raw

25g Mayonnaise, standard, retail

10ml KetoCal 4:1 LQ, Unflavoured (available on prescription)

2g Garlic Puree (GIA)

6g Basil, fresh

6g Parsley, fresh

9ml MCT Oil (available on prescription)



1. In a processor, mix the mayonnaise, MCT Oil, garlic, basil, parsley and Ketocal into a smooth dipping sauce consistency then season with salt and pepper.

2. Cut the halloumi into strips and wrap the bacon around each piece.

3. Place halloumi bacon dipper pieces on a baking sheet and bake at 170C until bacon is cooked and golden.

4. Serve the dippers with the pesto sauce. 



A Nutricia Recipe

© The Daisy Garland