Ratio    4.8:1       
Total calories    608 kcals    

Fat                      61.8g

Protein               5.5g

Carbohydrate     7.5g

Makes 4 servings each providing 15.5g fat, 1.4g protein and 1.9g carbohydrate and 152 kcals

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50g Tesco double cream

80g Mascarpone (I use M&S as carbs lower than most)

25g Mashed banana

Big splash of sugar-free banana syrup



1. Whisk all together until thick & creamy.

2. Divide equally between 4 freezer-proof tubs and freeze!

Top Tips

For different flavours just change the fruit & syrup.

Like most keto ice cream it sets pretty solid although not as brick-like as some! I remove from the

freezer about half an hour beforehand but it’s also good for day trips as it stays frozen in a cool bag for a couple of hours.

Recipe by keto mum - Julie Chambers

© The Daisy Garland