Ratio    4.3:1       
Total calories    472 kcals    

Fat                      47.5g

Protein               6.8g

Carbohydrate     4.2g

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50g KTC Creamed Coconut (available in Tesco & Asda)

50g K.Yo (15g fat, 1g carbs)

20ml boiling water



1. Mix the boiling water with the creamed coconut, then stir in the K.Yo.

2. Put it in a circular mould in the fridge for an hour (I used a metal biscuit cutter, I think it might be possible to use a K.Yo pot).

3. To serve press it out of the mould (heating the outside of a metal mould works well) and decorate.

Recipe by keto mum - Victoria Maynard

© The Daisy Garland