Ratio    4.4:1

Total Calories    955 kcals  


Fat                      100g

Protein               18.2g

Carbohydrate     4.6g

Makes 4 cookies each providing 249kcals, 25g fat, 4.5g protein and 1.1g carbohydrate

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60g Tesco ground almonds

30g desiccated coconut

60g butter

11/2 tsps Truvia spoonable



1. Grease a baking tray.

2. Melt the butter, add the ground almonds, Truvia and desiccated coconut. Mix well together.

3. Either turn out onto the baking tray and use a fork to ‘squidge’ it into a round about 1/2 inch thick OR weigh out 37g portions, form into balls, place on baking tray and flatten with a fork to make

individual biscuits.

4. Bake on top shelf at Gas Mark 5 (375F, 170C) for about 15 minutes or until golden.  Mark into 4 portions when you take it out of the oven  (if you made one round) then leave to cool completely before removing from the tray.

Top Tips

Change into a chocolate version by adding 10g cocoa powder to the recipe. NB if you add 10g Cocoa powder the ratio changes to 4:1, 1027kcals, 102.6g Fat, 20g Protein, 5.7g Carbohydrate.



A Daisy Garland Recipe 

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