Ratio   3:1        

Total Calories    1126 kcals  

Fat                      81g 

MCT                    30g

Protein               18.6g

Carbohydrate     18.4g

Makes 6 mini cheesecakes  - Each provides 13.5g fat, 5g MCT, 3.1g protein, 3g carbohydrate and 189kcals.

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30g raspberries

46g blueberries

30g coconut oil

50g ground almonds (tesco)

10g Nakd bar – salted caramel flavour

90g Violife Creamy (dairy-free cream cheese)

60ml Liquigen

7g gelatine powder

5g lemon juice

15ml of boiling water

Sweetener to taste

Pinch of salt



For the base:

1. Melt coconut oil and mix with crushed Nakd bar, ground almonds and 10ml of Liquigen.

2. Place a ramekin in a larger bowl of boiling water. Pour 5ml of boiling water in the ramekin and sprinkle 2g of gelatine powder on top. Stir well with a fork, once gelatine crystals have dissolved add to base

mixture and mix well.

3. Place mixture evenly in 6 cupcake silicone moulds and place in fridge (or use paper cupcake moulds but use 4 together to make a firmer cupcake container).

For the cheesecake top:

1. Simmer raspberries and blueberries in a small saucepan for approx 25 minutes or until the berries have reduced to make a thicker texture.

2. Add Violife creamy, 50ml of Liquigen, lemon juice, sweetener, and pinch of salt and mix well.

3. Add 5g of gelatine mixed with 10ml of boiling water (use the same method as above). Mix well.

4. Spoon mixture evenly on top of the base in the cupcake moulds.

5. Place in fridge overnight to set.

Top Tips

Decorate with a tiny fresh mint sprig. 

The above recipe will go into 5 cupcakes if preferred (divide the whole recipe by 5 for each cupcake).

The ingredients in this recipe can be doubled to make a big cheesecake.



A Daisy Garland Recipe

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