Ratio    3.03:1     

Total Calories    1012 kcals  


Fat                      97.43g

Protein               24.03g

Carbohydrate     8.12g


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Makes approx 8 mini doughnuts - Can be made using a silicone doughnut mould or an electric mini doughnut maker


42g KetoCal 3:1 Powder (Available on prescription)

8g Sweetener, Truvia 

2g Baking powder (i.e. Barkat) 

45ml Mayonnaise, Hellmanns Full-Fat 

2ml Vanilla extract, sugar free 

52g Almond flour

48g Eggs, chicken, whole, raw



1. Preheat oven to 160C or switch on mini doughnut maker.

2. Weigh out all ingredients and mix together.

3. Allow batter to rest for at least 5 minutes.

4. Equally fill each doughnut section.

5. Cook for 10-12 mins in the oven (5 mins in the mini doughnut maker). Carefully remove doughnuts and allow to cool.

6. To make glaze: mix sweetener and water. Drizzle/dip allowing doughnut to absorb the syrup.

7. Choose your own low-carb toppings to make your doughnuts unique and tasty! e.g. bacon crumbles, sprinkles (Truvia mixed with food colouring), cinnamon & Truvia, shredded unsweetened coconut, crushed macadamia nuts, etc. Don’t forget to add extra ingredients to calculations above. 

Keto Mum's Top Tips

If you turn the doughnuts over when you take them out of the mould, you get the perfect doughnut look. My other top tip is, mix all the ingredients, then add baking powder. I then added some cold water as my mix was too thick so just add enough water to get a ‘dropping’ consistency.

For the icing, melt Scoundrel milk chocolate and chocolate strands sprinkled on top. The strands do contain sugar but as they are very light, it will not add much to the carbs. For strawberry icing, I added Sukrin icing sweetener to Walden Farms strawberry syrup until it was thick enough to make an icing. I added while the doughnuts were warm so it soaked in a little. I decorated with freeze dried strawberry pieces. Again these contain carbs but are very light. All extras need to be calculated to keep this recipe in-line with your child’s prescription.



A Nutricia Recipe

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