Ratio    3.48:1

Total calories    569 kcals

Fat                      55.16g

Protein               11.53g

Carbohydrate     4.34g

Makes 6 Bourbon Creams

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For the biscuits

22g Butter, salted

15g Sukrin Gold

4g Cocoa powder, Dr Oetker

50g Holland and Barrett Almond Flour Flurry

For the filling

10g Sukrin Icing Sweetener

2.5g Walden Farms Chocolate Syrup

10g Butter, salted


For the biscuits

1. Soften butter (22g) then beat together with Sukrin Gold, cocoa powder and almond flour.

2. Shape into 12 little rectangles on a silicon baking sheet.

3. Use a skewer to make little holes along the biscuit like a bourbon cream biscuit.

4. Bake at 160C for 8 minutes.

5. Leave to cool.

For the filling

1. Beat butter (10g), Sukrin icing sweetener and chocolate syrup together to make a smoooth cream.

2. Spread equally on 6 of the biscuits. Then sandwich with the other biscuits.

Recipe by keto mum - Julie Chambers

© The Daisy Garland