These cookies are huge hit with Julie's lovely daughter Amy - We hope you enjoy them too! 

Ratio    2.2:1       
Total calories    528 kcals    

Fat                      48g

Protein               18g

Carbohydrate     4.8g

Makes 6 cookies each providing 8g fat, 3g protein and 0.8g carbohydrate

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12g butter

20g Meridian Cocoa and Hazelnut Chocolate Spread

25g egg, beaten

25g Ketocal vanilla powder 4:1 (Available on prescription)

20g Cocoa Purition (natural protein powder) *

A few drops of hermesetas as required



1. Soften butter in a microwave for 10-15 seconds.

2. Add in chocolate spread, egg, ketocal powder and Purition and stir until you have a smooth mix.

3. Spoon into 6 portions onto a lined baking tray.

4. Bake 160c fan for approximately 10 mins.

* If you purchase Purition protein powders using this link - they will donate 10% from each purchase to The Daisy Garland. This product contains nuts and sesame seeds.

Recipe by keto mum - Julie Chambers

© The Daisy Garland