Total calories    7 kcals    

Fat                      0g

Protein               1.8g

Carbohydrate     0g

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17g egg white

125g Sukrin Icing

Few drops of peppermint essence 


1. Beat the egg whites in a bowl until stiff.

2. Sieve in the icing sugar. Add a few drops of peppermint essence.

3. Mix to a stiff dough - you may need slightly more or less Sukrin Icing.

4. Roll into 7 little balls.

5. Place on greaseproof paper and flatten into discs.

Top Tip

Decorate by dipping or coating in melted chocolate of choice. Using 20g Green & Blacks 85% chocolate changes macros to ratio 1.3:1, 129kcals, 10.7g Fat, 5.5g Protein, 4.5g Carbohydrate. 

Recipe by keto mum - Julie Chambers

© The Daisy Garland