Ratio    2:1        

Total Calories    682 kcals  


Fat                      62g

Protein               25g

Carbohydrate     4.8g


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For the spice mix (Use half to cook chicken and 1/2 in guacomole)

1g cumin

1g chilli powder

1g smoked paprika

1g garlic powder

1g salt

For the fajita mix

30g chopped cherry tomatoes

11g red onion

80g chicken

15g oil (to cook chicken)

For the wrap

30g iceberg lettuce leaves

For the guacamole

40g avocado

2g gia garlic puree

15g olive oil

15g mayonnaise

Serve with

30g soured cream

10g gouda cheesies



Mix your spices to make a chicken fajita seasoning.

Stick half the tomatoes, the onion and the chicken in a frying pan. Cook slowly on medium heat.

After 2 minutes, sprinkle on your seasoning, leaving about 2 tsp’s for your guacamole.

Mash the avocado, add the garlic, olive oil, leftover seasoning and Tabasco (if you want to give it a kick). When your chicken mix is ready (cut into the biggest piece to check it’s cooked through and not pink), carefully spoon the mix into the lettuce leaves. Add the remaining fresh tomatoes, drizzle the sour cream and finally sprinkle on the Cheesies. You can then dollop on the guac or dip your fajita in it (either way, it’s going to get messy).



A Cheesies Recipe

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