Ratio    3:1

Total calories    329 kcals

Fat                      30.5g

Protein               4.6g

Carbohydrate     5.6g

Makes 6 portions each providing 5g fat, 0.9g protein, 1.1g carbohydrate and 55kcals

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30g KetoClassic Muesli (available on prescription)

7g Unsalted butter

8ml Biona Coconut Cream

12g Morrisons 85% dark chocolate


1. Melt dark chocolate.

2. Stir in melted unsalted butter then stir in coconut cream.

4. Add KetoClassic Muesli and stir well.

5. Divide the mixture into 6 and place into mini cupcake cases. 

6. Place in the fridge for half an hour to set.

Serving Tip

These are tiny, so the small amount of mixture can be divided up to make 6 krispie cakes. If you don’t have mini cupcake cases you could try chocolate moulds or ice cube trays.

A Daisy Garland recipe.

© The Daisy Garland