Ratio   2.3:1        

Total Calories    1368 kcals  

Fat                      120g

Protein               41.6g

Carbohydrate     10.3g

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40 g Groovy Food coconut flour

40 g Ketocal Powder 4:1 unflavoured (Available on prescription)

25 g Psyllium Husk – powdered

2 g Garlic powder

2 g Mustard powder

2 g salt

5 g baking powder – carb free

5 ml cider vinegar

45 ml water

200 g beaten eggs

60 g butter

15 g olive oil

8 g sesame seeds



1. Mix wet ingredients together.

2. Mix dry ingredients together and mix well so all ingredients evenly distributed.

3. Then mix all together. Leave to rest for 5 mins as the mixture should thicken up. If too thick add another 10 ml of water.

4. Form a dough and cut in 8 pieces. Roll each piece with your hands to make a ball bread roll shape.

5. Place on greaseproof paper placed on an oven tray and add 1g of the sesame seeds to each bread roll. 6. Bake in 180 C oven for 15 mins. Turn the tray around. Turn oven down to 150 C and bake for 20 mins.



A Daisy Garland Recipe

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