Ratio    3:1

Total calories    267 kcals    

Fat                      25.8g

Protein               4.7g

Carbohydrate     4g

Makes 2 donuts each providing 12.9g fat, 2.4g protein and 2g carbohydrate and 133 kcals

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16g Butter, unsalted

5g Coconut flour, Groovy Food

0.5g Baking powder

10g Eggs, chicken, whole, raw

12g Bananas, flesh only

16g KetoCal 4:1 Vanilla Powder (available on prescription)

Pinch of cinnamon

Sweetener to taste


1. Melt butter, set aside to cool slightly.

2. Mash banana with cinnamon and sweetener to taste.

3. In a bowl mix KetoCal, coconut flour and baking powder.

4. Stir in butter, egg and banana and mix to a smooth paste.

5. Cook in a donut maker or cake pop maker.

Top Tips

I always double the recipe and they store well in the fridge for at least a week!

Recipe by keto mum - Poppy Dallamore

© The Daisy Garland