Ratio    2.75:1

Total Calories    188 kcals  


Fat                      17.83g

Protein               5.7g

Carbohydrate     0.78g


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14g Cheese, Mozzarella, fresh

4.7g Holland and Barrett Almond Flour Flurry

1.77ml Aldi double cream 

3.1g Eggs, chicken, whole, raw

1.12g psyllium husk

11.66g Herta Frankfurter

10g Hellman’s Real Mayonnaise (for dipping)



1. Melt mozzarella in microwave. 

2. Add in all other ingredients apart from frankfurters and mayonnaise.

3. Beat until a dough is formed. 

4. Roll out between two pieces of baking parchment. 

5. Put frankfurter on one end of pastry and roll up. 

6. Cut into 3 pieces and brush lightly with egg wash. 

7. Bake in oven at 160C for approx 20 minutes.

8. Leave to cool and serve with the mayonnaise.



A Nutricia Recipe

© The Daisy Garland