Ratio   3:1        

Total Calories    777 kcals  

Fat                      75g

Protein               21.5g

Carbohydrate     3.7g

Makes 2 portions - Each providing 37.5g fat, 10.75g protein, 1.85g carbohydrate and 388.5 kcals

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20g raw swede chopped finely

38g raw celeriac chopped finely

58g salted butter

65g raw 15% fat beef mince

30g raw streaky bacon chopped finely (can use scissors to cut up finely)

25g raw mushrooms chopped finely

19g raw broccoli chopped finely

10g Gia sundried tomato puree

20g Boursin garlic and herb soft cheese



1. Fry celeriac and swede in half the butter until soft, add Boursin cheese and set aside.

2. Using same frying pan (don’t wash pan), melt other half of the butter, fry bacon, add mushrooms and mince beef and cook while continually stirring with wooden spoon.

3. Add broccoli and tomato puree and cook. 

4. Place this mixture evenly into 2 small ramekins and place the cooked celeriac and swede on top (dividing evenly). Cook in oven for 20 mins.

Top Tips

Serve hot or refrigerate and serve cold (turn upside down if serving cold from fridge and cut in thin slices).



A Daisy Garland Recipe

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