Ratio   4:1        

Total Calories    760 kcals  

Fat                      75.1g

Protein               9.9g

Carbohydrate     8.5g

Makes 2 portions - Each providing 37.55g fat, 4.95g protein, 4.25g carbohydrate and 380 kcals.

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138g Leeks (sliced to make rings)

90g Broccoli (chopped into small pieces)

72g Salted butter

32g Boursin garlic and herb soft cheese

4g Ground almonds (Tesco)



1. Cook leeks in butter gently until soft.

2. Add broccoli and cooked to desired texture.

3. Add almonds and Boursin cheese and serve.

4. Sprinkle on pepper if needed.

Top Tips

This recipe can be used as a main meal or a side dish. Would be fab as the veggie part of a roast meal.This is very quick to make using 1 saucepan and can be frozen. The ratio can easily be lowered by reducing butter.



A Daisy Garland Recipe

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