Busy keto mum, Sarah Barker, whose daughter Isi is on the modified ketogenic diet, demonstrates here how quick and easy it is  to adapt Ketoclassic 3:1 Chicken to suit her daughter's dietary prescription.  If you child is on the ketogenic diet in the UK under the care of a specialist dietitian please be sure to join our fabulous parent support group, Daisy's Keto Cafe, where you will find lots of tasty keto recipes, hints and tips.

IMPORTANT: Before attempting to include this in your child's diet it is ESSENTIAL that you consult your ketogenic dietitian who will calculate this into your child's regimen.

Ratio    2.6:1  MKD      

Total Calories    374 kcals  

Fat                      35g (5g of which is MCT)

Protein               9.5g

Carbohydrate     3.9g 

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27g courgette

15g spring onion

50g spinach

50g mushrooms

5 ml MCT oil (available on prescription)

1 sachet ketoclassic 3:1 chicken (available on prescription)

1 pack Eat Water Slim Noodles (available from health food shops and supermarkets)



Chop courgette, mushroom, spring onion and fry in MCT oil on a gentle heat, stir in spinach.

Add a whole sachet of ketoclassic chicken and heat through.

Rinse slim noodles well and drain well before and adding to pan.

Mix together, heat through and serve.


Serving Tips

You could also use:

Any low carb vegetables - including cherry tomatoes, celery and avocado.

Fresh chicken and cream instead of the ketoclassic 3:1 chicken.

Courgette spaghetti instead of slim noodles.


Recipe by keto mum- Sarah Barker

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